About us

b&b_La_Banchina-2029Trani Marina and the Apulian typical seafood merging in a dream location, the Italian finest cuisine in an amazing landscape, our love for Trani and our guests.

This is the soul of Ristorante La Banchina, a true food service innovator in Trani.

In addition to all of this, nowadays we have managed to welcome our guests in peculiar and relaxing rooms.


Our fascinating and large rooms are finely equipped and they were inspired by the Apulian landscape. Thanks to the owners’ total commitment, this location will make you relax surrounded by amazing touches of color.

All of the rooms are situated in the old city of Trani, 50 mt. far from its harbour and very close to the other attractions: the Cathedral, the Synagogue, Castel del Monte and so on.

A beautiful walk in the city alleys will make you discover how cute Trani is, in each one of its corners.